We all know that the fast fashion industry creates cheap items, but there are many hidden costs of making cheap clothing. One of these is the deforestation and pollution caused by producing cheap clothing. In the UK alone, the number of people in poverty has increased to 15 million. The government has tried to curb this by proposing a small tax on clothing. The proposed tax was a mere one pence per item. But it was rejected by the government as it wanted to focus on other problems, such as the elimination of single-use plastic. H&M launched its own recycling scheme in 2012, which allows customers to trade in unwanted clothes for discount vouchers.

The production process of cheap clothes consumes a lot of chemicals and water. Finished garments are shipped long distances by air and sea. Fast fashion brands thrive on the constant churn of new designs and fabrics, and this is causing great waste. On average, more than 50 billion items of clothing are discarded within a year after they are manufactured. This is a terrible way to live and is putting our planet in serious danger.

Sadly, this global fashion market is a problem that needs to be addressed. This film examines the economic and social costs of fast fashion and how the clothing industry is contributing to the global environmental crisis. Despite its popularity, it is still not easy to find sustainable clothing that is affordable for all. In fact, the majority of fast fashion companies are based in developing countries, and are largely influenced by these countries’ low wages.

As the world is increasingly concerned about fast fashion, consumers are beginning to understand the true costs of fast fashion. Purchasing cheap clothes can harm the environment, and the environment. This is the reason why you should think twice before buying something from a fast fashion brand. If you can’t afford to buy a new piece of clothing, consider buying from a brand that has sustainability and ethical standards.

The true cost of fast fashion to you and the environment, and the true cost of fast fashion to you and the planet. The true price of cheap clothing to you and the environment is not only the price of cheap clothes but also the cost of the environment itself. For instance, the production of a single garment can contribute to the destruction of hundreds of thousands of trees. However, the real costs of fast fashion are not limited to just the human costs. In fact, many brands are committed to creating high quality, affordable clothes that are good for the environment.

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